Leaf blower nozzle to an unknown brand of leaf blower, maybe a packpack style blower? Attaches with a push-and-twist motion.
Two handlebars for a bicycle: 1. Straight bars with Shimano shifters; has handbrake levers 2. "Butterfly" or "Ape hanger" bars
DIY sledge hammer - you attach the head and you've got a working sledge hammer!
yesterdayLansdale, PA+11 milesFree Stuff
Two 8 oz sample cans of Similac infant formula. Unopened. One expires in sep 2019 the other in 2020. Easy porch pick up.
Large folding table. Old table that could be used in the garage or workroom
Two "Kool Float"s: vinyl-coated foam (with looped-over end that acts as a pillow) to lie on in the pool.
Gutter parts for PLASTIC gutters - couplings, end caps, transitions to downspout, downspout sweeps, etc. Unfortunately no gutter included; bin not included.
Large woven screen for in-ground pool to keep leaves and branches out.
Orange Personal Floatation Device (life vest) for a child/teen weighing 50-98 lb. Have onboard as an extra?
Shown is a 2005 Saturn Vue RR interior door panel; I have a few other interior parts available also.
Peerless (?) brand transmission from a snowblower. Has good drive gear, chain, but some of the gears IN the transmission are partially stripped.
2 older windows. Would probably be great for craft, decorative, or up-cycle project. One pictured. Other is identical.
SCRAP METAL from demo of old garage doors in front of home at 2449 E Orvilla Rd in Hatfiled. 215-370-7979
yesterdayLansdale, PA+11 milesFree Stuff
this is a single plastic 2-drawer item. Outside dimensions: 13" deep x 18" wide, 13" tall, containing two drawers, each 5" tall. Would be handy in a closer to hold socks, T-shirts, etc., or kitchen pantry for lightweight items. We just don't need any longer.
Two weed whackers/grass trimmers in non-working condition. For the mechanically inclined tinker to fix or scavenge for parts. They will be put out for trash pick-up Tuesday if no takers.